Why Upgrade ?

Lowering your operating costs

Upgrading your building management system will result in utility cost decreases.  Lowering these costs increases profitability, which of course makes your building more competitive for potential buyers.

Lowering Maintenance Costs

Having minimal wear and tear on equipment and systems will result in less damage over time.  Operating buildings at top efficiency will decrease your repair and maintenance costs over the years. 

Employee Productivity

Buildings that have better temperature control and air quality create more productive and healthier employees.  It's important to have a building that is comfortable and offers an enjoyable environment.

Enhanced Security

The importance of added security has increased to many owners and tenants over the past few years.  Adding a building management system allows the integration of access controls such as:  addition of surveillance cameras, swipeable key-cards and the option of limited entry into various parts of your building. 

Future Improvements

Having the potential to add and integrate systems at a later date is a valuable asset.  If your choice is to not use the full potential of a new building management system from the beginning, the option of upgrading in the future would be profitable.